2019 marks 75 years since some of the key moments of the Second World War. From the mountains of Manipur to Monte Cassino, and from Normandy to the Netherlands, the CWGC’s cemeteries and memorials are vivid reminders of the conflict and those who lost their lives. The headstones and memorials help to tell the story of the long road to liberation, and visiting them today is a powerful reminder of the cost of victory for British and Commonwealth forces and their Allies.  Discover the Legacy of Liberation with the CWGC by sharing your story on our sound archive, listening to our podcast and discovering more about the history behind our incredible sites.  



Visit CWGC’s first online sound archive, Voices of Liberation. Share with us your own connection to our sites.



Presented by heritage expert Dr Lucy Kellett and historian Dr Glyn Prysor, listen to our podcast to find out more about the history of our Second World War cemeteries and their social and cultural legacies.



Discover the story of liberation and CWGC’s sites of remembrance