Please state your Hello, my name is xxx and I am xxxxx. (E.G, a war veteran, relative of xxx)

1. Tell us about your connection to the Second World War.

2. If you have visited a CWGC cemetery, how did the experience make you feel?

3. When you think about the Second World War, what comes to mind?

4. What does ‘liberation’ mean to you?

5. Why should people visit the war graves and battlefields of the Second World War?

Steps for recording audio

i) Before starting make sure you are in a quiet room, which is away from background noise, wind, air conditioning units, or anything else which could interfere with the recording.

ii) Switch your phone to Airplane mode.

iii) Find Voice Memos (iPhone) or Dictaphone/Voice Recorder (Android) app on your smartphone and open the app

iv) When you are ready to start hit the record button, point the bottom (where the microphone is located) of the phone towards your face and hold it about a hand’s width away from your face

v) Once you have finished the recording hit the stop button and save the audio file to your phone

vi) Save the file, calling with your name and the date. E.g. John Smith_05042019

Steps for taking photos

1) Open your camera app

2) Make sure light source is behind you. i.e. a window

3) Hold your phone in the landscape position

4) Take photo of object

5) If the interviewee has an object or photo of themselves or a casualty, hold it up to the left or right of your torso and get a friend to take the photo