CWGC Podcast

On the 75th anniversaries of some of the key moments of the conflict, this CWGC podcast series explores the historic cemeteries and memorials which commemorate those who fought and died. Historian Dr Glyn Prysor and heritage expert Dr Lucy Kellett discover the unique experience of visiting these sites of memory and mourning, taking a fresh look at events which have become almost legendary, and examining the artistic, architectural and social legacies of these iconic places.


Episode 1 - The Great Escape

Discover a secret hidden away in the heart of a Polish city

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Episode 2 - Kohima and Imphal

The birthplace of a familiar epitaph with surprising links close to home

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Episode 3 - Monte Cassino

How classical architecture reveals the story of a father’s grief


Episode 4 - D-Day 75

Reflections on an historic anniversary


Episode 5 - Normandy

A journey through the iconic battlefields


Episode 6 - Arnhem

Why the children of one Dutch town will never forget